Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well PLAID is just about to open and I am thrilled the rehearsal process is just about behind me..we in the cast call it FA PLA in honor of our stage manager calling I LOVE YOU YOURE PERFECT NOW CHANGE 'LOVE PERF'. I have really learned alot about myself with this rehearsal process. I know I dont want to keep doing this regional bouncing around thing. I've done my share, I've been 'successful'. It's now a matter of listening to what my heart is telling me. And mine is telling me I dont need to do stage shows, particularly MUSICAL theatre to express artistically. Dancing and moving and harmony and lines and details and mic stands...not so much for me I'm thinking. I want the platform to be able to express myself in my own way and through my own vision, not those of a staff and director and choreographer..I dont do so well learning every element of a show in 8 days anyway, I want more of the freedom to be do what moves me specifically, and be more choosy with what I perform in. I know PLAID will be fun, and I am looking forward to the run, but I am filled with some new and profound insights for when it is over.I really think this is it for me and regional work for a long time. New York will have to open up a new artistic niche for me. *sigh* I digress. :)

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