Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh New body is missing being in a car in the midwest. The thing about New York is it is such a PHYSICALLY demanding city. Get up, walk to the subway, stand on the subway, hold your balance--out and UP the stairs and blocks and blocks to work. Walk to lunch. Walk back to the subway. You really get your workout daily here, although it is filled with smog. I often wonder if living in a car and getting a workout at the air filtered gym is a better option?

TREATY 321 opened last week, and it is very well done. The cast is enormously talented, and the director really knows his chops; the fine art of moments, bits, pacing and overall presentation.

Start rehearsals for NERDS tomorrow and I am thrilled.

Thoughts and quotes for this fine Monday:

"I was staring out my window at that beautiful barge with nothing to do, no one to speak to. Just a person, staring out the window. Can you understand what I mean when I say that as I allowed the feeling of lonliness to arise in me I felt a heartbreaking compassion, recognizing that every person everywhere throughout history has been subject to the very same loneliness I was feeling in that moment? I started to weep, with sadness and awe and grief and joy. I felt connected to the world in a new, different way, admiring the capability of the heart to hold all those feelings at once. Such strong feelings! And of course because it was MY heart, too how full I felt, and complete. This profound loneliness was in fact, exactly the opposite of what I'd always been afraid of.And once again, it yielded up a banquet of pleasure, unexpected and glorious."-Valerie Monroe

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