Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's a jungle out there:

Okay, I havent updated my blog in a long time. I'm sure all you blog naysayers have been waiting on pins and needles for my latest squanderings (okay maybe only my friend Cara reads this but hey if you've touched one person you've touched the world...hee hee)
I often talk about New York, you think I would talk about something else for gords sake. But it is sort of an overbearing sibling who gets all the attention in the family (wait that would be me growing up I guess..sorry to my sister Denise. Just cuz I decided to be ON the stage..see if she would have just been an actor too...complete aside, but I've always had this reoccurring dream of Denise being a musical theatre actress and dazzling audiences as Polly in CRAZY FOR YOU...there would be no competition I would be thrilled to have a fellow Thespian sibling..and no my sister is not anything that rhymes with thespian....*cough) . But I digress...I have come to some huge conclusions about the insanity that is New York and what to be prewarned about if you are a newcomer. My thoughts are as follows:

Avoid Times Square, Union Square, Macy's Square...anything with Square in the title and intersections in the vicinity of Anything/Broadway. For some reason these areas are jammed to the hilt with MILLIONS of frenetic people, and attempting to move/walk forward is like an Atari game in it's final round where you are losing bad in an untimely manner with the chime sounding loudly any second. The last couple of weeks I have been aching for a vacation. I have to get out soon, to some deserted Island...where King Kong will snatch me up in a frenzy and protect me from big dinosaurs and waterfalls...and then eventually bring me back to the top of the Empire State Building in...NEW YORK CITY! NOOOOOOOOO!! ;)
Again I digress...
I have been starting to on-line date pretty extensively lately, and it has been very enlightening. I actually had TWO dates in one night recently...and what I learned from that experience is A) New York is a HARD city to date in. SEX AND THE CITY was written for a reason and that is because its damn true. And B) There has to be a spark there...a chemistry right away that you cant really determine from on line. I know this is kind of dumb and 19-year old minded but...nevertheless. Where is the Dr Phil theory that 'you have to be friends first' and love will grow from friendship? It's all relative and confusing...when does one finally grow up and not look for fireworks instantly? But it is great to be out there and dating and believing in something true, and the possibility that what you want is 'on its way to you' as you speak. I recommend online dating, it is very cathartic. And it's better than bars c'mon.
Yep yep yep....
So those are my Saturday musings and perplexed ponderings. Blogging is our map to the mind...woop!

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