Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Holidays Blogmeisters! So it’s been an eventful December I must say. I am going home to Appleton, Wisconsin Dec 20-29 which I am beyond looking forward to. To think of getting out of the hustle and bustle oh how good it will be for the soul. Peaceful streets, Midwestern friendliness, target, no sirens. And Mom’s cooking! You never get too old for Mom’s cooking. She makes the best macaroni salad and lasagna that’s all I’m gonna say.

So here’s my December Derailings……(parooooooooooooom): Its been cold here in the 30’s, its funny to hear fellow New Yorkers running around saying how cold it is. I grew up in Chicago people, where some days it gets so cold your eyelashes freeze. It’s balmy! While at my friends show last week, I had a chance run in with a fellow performer named Max. Turns out we both played the same role in NERDS A MUSICAL SOFTWARE SATIRE. Him a year before elsewhere, me at the New York Music Theatre Festival 2005. It was so bizarre we both couldn’t believe the chance meeting. This on the curtails of our beloved show opening with a third cast in Philly in Jan. That’s the biz I suppose. Heres a photo of us!

Went skating with Erin at a GREY GARDENS party the other day at Chelsea Piers. Matthew Broderick was skating next to me (me skating being three hobbling circles around the rink whilst fearing my untimely demise). Quite a handsome looking chap, AND he is married to SJP so good thing she didn’t make an appearance or I may have hyperventilated. Photo op 2!

I spent all day on a National Cingular shoot last week, where I was not used unfortunately. However, I was paid, ate well, got to see Mount Claire New Jersey and I always enjoy being on film set. I really enjoy the process, it can be monotonous, but I enjoy its peaceful detail. What was also interesting were how people rent out their houses for film crews. It’s pretty much ransacked. Here’s me in my trailer…ok it wasn’t mine specifically but it could happen!

Have you noticed I'm a big fan of using several periods in succession like this..........?? Why is this I wonder?

You know what remains a ‘challenge’ for me (well go with that word--challenge) is my simultaneous love and hate of New York PARTICULARY the subway. I was telling my friend Jesse that living here has almost ruined me to live anywhere else really…there’s just so much culture, going out, shows, people, restaurants; all my way of life now. I take it for granted really. But it drives me insane too. This being as I am just about to embark on my trip back home, havent been home in a year! I am looking forward to the boredom, being nowhere- but at the same time apprehensive since I am a conditioned city boy. But oy the subway where every crazy kook can exist and ‘hesitation is death’ every day. "Homeless person yelling, I feel for you but I’m tired and cranky this morning can you just speak in hushed tones?," "Um excuse me lady I’m sorry my bag bumped your leg but this is New York here, there’s like 4 billion people here, so I’m doing my best with the 0 inches of space I have thanks so much"-- "Oh thank you vomit on the floor, I’m so glad I stepped in you and of course you too dear old friends pee, boogers or some other unknown liquid right where I sat”…(hanging my head in shame to what I have now vented) It’s like I am fully actualized here but have also made a couple of steps back in the patience and peace department. Who can figure it all out? Thank you India Arie for your musical wisdom and inspiration to get me through another day on the subway. Thank you Gandhi for reminding us “Be the change you want to see in the world” This I will try to remember this holiday season on the subway. On the streets. In my life.

And those-are my Holiday conundrums...Chrisma’ Hana Rama Kan Dona Kwanza my blog friends. May this season be blessed and stress free to you and yours.

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