Sunday, August 27, 2017

Train Now Leaving...

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.” ― Mo Willems.

New York City was my home for 10 glorious and at times depleting years. I had some of the most unforgettable experiences in my life and met the most extraordinary people there. I still have a hard time talking about it in past tense as if it's "done" because I try to be there once a year. (In fact I'm flying to New York this week for most of Sept). I grew the most I ever have there and still feel like I was taken out of it's womb too soon. But for all intents and purposes I don't know where I live at the moment. I never thought I would leave NYC. In 2010 I needed the change so off I jumped to the west. So many factors then indicated it was the "right time". In January I officially moved away from Denver after "trying it out" for 6 years. Yea right trying it out cut to me 6 years later 😆. Guess I was born a ramblin' man. To quote Oprah "When you've grown as much as you can grow in one place, it's time to go." It was time to go.

When I moved to Denver, I thought maybe I could be a  full time performer again and as it turned out that's exactly what I did. I felt the pull to move, to have new experiences, meet new people and to step off the rat race of Manhattan into a smaller market. Initially it was a great community, but maybe I overstayed my welcome as was sometimes insular, hot and cold treatment, and a possessive nature of the work available. Regardless it was a life experience, I met my mentor friend Nicolette and did some good work. Sometimes we ignore the call that our stories are leading us elsewhere--that each place has well, an expiration date.

Patti Lapone recently was quoted regarding her show WAR PAINT that it's her last, how musical theatre is exhausting and she's done. I agree, musical theatre does takes everything out of you, seem to prefer on-camera and theatre as of late.So we know that's true. I know I'm talented with a lot to offer but where and in what capacity now?

We'll see what comes from New York next week and some auditions. Sometimes life is at a standstill and you just have to trust the journey. Currently in the Midwest working with my agents. Maybe NYC again, it is (or maybe was?) my heart home. In the musical COMPANY the character of Joanne quips "One knows when to come to New York, and one knows when to leave." That was true. Clearly I am full of quotes in this blog but I digress 😊 One of the things I am the most proud of myself is that I have thrown my net far and wide and lived all over the U.S. I cannot imagine if I had just stayed in my hometown my entire life and never left. I recently scoped out Seattle to see if its a fit (it's not....for now) and am surprisingly enjoying being back in Chicagoland. It's the nature of the beast I suppose when it comes to expat location and expat relationships. Some fall away when you leave or change. The good part is you now have friends all over which you can hold in your heart. And you have the lessons and the growth. That's a win. Ahhh but still where to next?

I welcome your thoughts on these musings gentle bloggeristas and social media moguls......what does home mean to you and what are your thoughts on your proverbial train?

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