Thursday, April 01, 2004

Picture it: The sunless Hollywood tan spray. It's like a carwash ya'll only more 2050. You stand in a booth naked, and it tells you what to do. Turn around. Lift your arms. Hold your breath. Voila: Bain de Soliel brown. Joseph is a delight to perform. I do find I have to constantly watch the health of my voice; little speaking on two show days, steaming. Tina Turner I am not, wish I had chords of steel, I seem to be whim to their moods. Today we have a put in for two of our understudies, and we have a TV commercial and newspaper ad's out. I am trying to plan when to go to Cincinnati for MACGREGOR. I like being an actor, you sit at home and rest and then evenings you are on the stage like Peter Fonda.Nrrgh!

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