Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Joseph has closed! :( we are all terribly sad, I cried like a baby afterwards like I was in High School again. How incredibly blessed was I with the amount of people that came out to see me? To the cast and crew, I adored working with each and every one of you, this was a very special cast and experience, and I shall miss it. I have a some great new photos on my website of the show, check it out. I am going to Chicago Thursday to see some friends in Parade, and I have been rereading THE MASTERY OF LOVE by Don Miguel Ruiz and WICKED by Gregory Maguire (how's that for juxtaposed reading? ;)

Okay WHAT is up with American Idol y'all? I have missed months of it and am just now tuning in. Where are the Kelly Clarksons and the Clay's? It's a sad day in America folks---*sniff*

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