Sunday, May 02, 2004

I have been inspired today by two ministers of the world. Wayne Dyer, who I have been following since 1999, has a special on PBS which is so wonderful. In it, he speaks of your 'intentions' in your thoughts, and how you see yourself surrounded by events you want manifested in your life, and how we need to stay in rapport with our source of energy..appreciating and loving. In the same day, I also tuned into my favorite Christian Pastor, Joel Osteen from the Lakewood Church in Texas speaking of the power of our words, and how we should speak as if God has already manifested what we want in our lives. I was truly inspired, I have typed it up in my journal and put it in my nightly prayers (minus the PJ's!;) What other way is there to live life I ask?Wow, what a goal to strive for. I DO falter,yes. But I sure as heck am gonna try!

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