Thursday, May 20, 2004

May is coming to a close friends. So what's been happening? Well, I have had two auditions as of late, one for THE LAST FIVE YEARS at Skylight Opera Theatre and SUNSET BOULEVARD at Marriotts Lincolnshire. MACGREGOR is being postponed so I will not be in Cincinatti next month as anticipated--so here I am. I did get a review at the Broadway Palm Theatre in FL but I decided against that, so now I am in the dreaded actors between time--"The actor must become comfortable with the uncomfortable."-Acting Professionally book.yes yes..finally, for those of you close to me who knew how much I hated my witch mole on my left hand-- I am happy to report it was removed by a wonderful doctor last Friday with only four stitches! Goodbye Mr. Mole. For now I just look like Jesus with my stigmata wound...*sigh*

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