Saturday, June 26, 2004

I love New York in the summer! So much wonderful energy and spirit. Today I had an audition for a new Off-Broadway show called WORLDS AWAY ( It went well, they kept me in there for 5 minutes which is a good sign. After, I met up with my married friends Cindy and Michael who were in town for business. We had a great time, perusing Soho, walking down by the Hudson River. I am really in a content place right now where I am just taking it day by day with this crazy acting career. Ah the 'Disney-fication' of Broadway Theatre, where do I fit in? I would just be happy to work once a year in a challenging and artistically fulfilling show. The grind is the grind I suppose. I am actually intriqued at the moment with possibly getting my Masters degree or having a business career in Manhattan. My temp agent had gotten me a job at Ralph Lauren that I couldnt take due to an audition. What was I thinking?! I can see me now in $5000 dollar suits fetching memos for Mr. Lauren. "Yes sir, I'm right on top of that Mr. Lauren!"--I can dream can't I? :)

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