Tuesday, June 29, 2004

*Sniff* This summer may hold bad allergies for me, I feel like a racoon is sitting on my nose. Got called in for the New York Fringe Festival for BELIEVE IN ME. A BIGFOOT MUSICAL.I love it! My 11 year old niece is going to flip if I get that, I've teased her about Big Foot since she was little. And dont call me crazy, but I swore I saw him in my window when I was 7. I have some more auditions coming up, and some interviews for artistic positions for theatres, as well as temp positions from my now three (count em) temp agents. Called my agent to get an audition for WICKED and its a no go, they are not using agents for this call. I do have a final callback for WORLDS AWAY next Thursday. This is being an actor folks..up in da' air.Laminate it. :)

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