Friday, July 02, 2004

Happy 4th weekend from the self-proclaimed Starbucks addict! I was telling my Mom the other day that I am the fullest version of myself in New York, as if all that I have experienced in my life culminated to this moment, in preparation for New York. I just feel more, and I am more compassionate, aware and alive. SO much to learn from looking and seeing without judgement. Next week, I start a temp position at a Fringe bank on 51st and 7th. I really like my temp services. Okay, I just said no judgement, however has anyone else noticed that Subway (the sandwich shop) has slammed its corporate-Hitler fist down on portion sizes and such lately? And can the workers there be any more miserable? "No, no its fine I wanted those hot peppers afterall *cough* *ahem* Even though I said no. It's not YOU, it's ME.":)

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