Sunday, July 25, 2004

We all sing our own song, don't we? Or at least we should. For instance: I am rehearsing WORLDS AWAY, in a role of great wisdom, appeal and presence. There is a reference in the script that he is a 'ruggedly handsome rockstar'. Hmmm..I have worked at places that would never see me in that light. But, I have always known deep down that I am capable of inhabiting any role. I signed on to be an actor years ago, and that means variance and challenge to me. It sounds cliche, but we really need to follow our own hearts, especially artistically. Not everyone will follow you on your journey to becoming your fullest self, and part of life is sifting through people that don't make us feel good inside. For those people in my life who lift me up, and you know who you are, I am unexplainably grateful to you. SO much to be grateful for lately wow.

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