Friday, July 16, 2004

Negotiations are complete and I have taken WORLD'S AWAY Off-Broadway. I will not be able to do BIGFOOT at the NY Fringe. I love ma' BIGFOOT *sigh*! Karen Mack and staff, thank you for your thoughtful consideration of me, I am terribly dissapointed I will not get to work with you. It does feel good though to be wanted by two shows. I also am finishing up my temp job at BNP Paribas Bank which has been quite the corporate experience lordy. Donald Trump, if you're reading this, buy my Moms house back in Illinois. I was at Broadway Barks last week, and man did the dog-turnal instincts in me surface.. Waaa, I want my own poochie to love! Greyhounds, and Daschunds and Golden retrievers, I love you! :)

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