Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ah as I head into my fourth month here in Iowa, things are a plenty...I havent journaled in forever-is anyone reading this except me? hee hee. Well whats new? I have been working out, enjoying the beautiful spring weather,just loving the people here in Iowa. I met Frankie Avalon over the weekend, the tour of GREASE was here and we hung with the cast. The show has been extended, and as Amber says "dont bite off the hand that feeds you." Lots on my mind...Been dating several people here, which has been quite enjoyable. I'm learning a lot about my patterns, expectations and living in the moment. Enjoying what each has to offer in the now as they say. I've been missing New York, my family and friends..but overall I am just great. I have become very spoiled with my structured life here, which in essence, is artificial, as once the contract ends I go back to my 'trying to act and be employed' life. But I have saved money and have even bought my very first laptop which I am thrilled about. Her name is Deliala the Dell :)The big thing I am learning is no matter how polished you believe your people skills are, you will always have to readjust to the gazillions of variance in people you meet, are working with etc. The world is turning at its own atlas, regardless of what I want or need it to be. Just being open to whatever lesson is there for you, whether its your level of patience, your need inside to be heard and validated, your's all a day by day process. And, as always the delicious elixirs of Starbucks continue to sustain me..thank you iced caramel decaf macchiato with whip :)

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