Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life truly is ups and downs isnt it? Have finished the run of FOREVER PLAID, and with it, huge lessons to be learned. In this contract, there was NO ONE to listen to the concerns of the cast, no one to really appreciate the gifts you bring. TRUE proof of the benefit of the union. I guess it's ridiculous to expect support in every contract, union or non union but how wonderful when it has been there in the past. A test in self preservation and endurance. What can you do? Aside from this, what an amazing city filled with wonderful people, deep in substance, love and integrity. The good with the bad I suppose. I see the lessons so clearly, and try to remain grateful.

I am up for a couple of tours right now, and I am filming two independent films this summer; one back in Des Moines and another with Leospride entertainment in Kentucky. I am tossing around the idea of being in Chicago for the early part of the summer, and continuing working with my wonderful agent Renee in New York. There is always that struggle at the end of the contract, the reshuffling of your life. Again, "the actor must be comfortable with the uncomfortable."

Finally get to see my family here in Appleton Wisconsin. Played Batgammon with the nieces today. I suck at it :)

As promised, a shout out to the delightful Cindy Coakes, my personal heroine who informed me she reads my blog regularly. Thank you Cindy, this ones for you! :)

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