Friday, July 29, 2005

God speaks to me through my Ipod. :) It's true, I believe. When it's in Shuffle mode that is. It's like one of those rare haphazard horoscopes you read at whim. It's like the song choices coincide with how you are feeling, what you are grappling with presently. On the subway today, I noticed how each and every song was like a tapestry to my inner thoughts. No one can convince me otherwise. GOD SPEAKS to ME through the Ipod..Ipod mini...*ahem.

I also had a Big Mac today, which I am somewhat ashamed of. I dont think I've had McDonalds in like a year especially since SUPER SIZE the Documentary came out. However, for some reason the Big Mac called to me today. No fries or soda or value meal. Just the Big Mac. $3.49 mind you (New York prices geez).

Have a commercial audition for Fruit Wise Monday, callback for the NY Music Theatre Festival and up for CHUCKLEBALL again Off Broadway.

Walking the streets of Manhattan is like an Atari video game at its highest level. Move here, dodge that, cross here, oops I bumped you, zig zag zig zag. :(

Just finished Marianne Williamsons A RETURN TO LOVE. Thoroughly recommend it.

Where is the love Manhattan?



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