Friday, October 07, 2005

Well, this one is going to be deep one. Celebrities: These are my thoughts on celebrity-om. My first year in New York, I craved a celebrity sighting. Amidst my first thrilling couple of weeks 2002 perusing the streets of Manhattan, I found nothing but a few familiar looking postal workers and a rotten apple core on the street ledge. However, this past year it has been nothing but. Celebrities on the street, celebrities at my shows, celebrities at the Starbucks. And this is what I have come to realize. The more I see them, the more the fine line between us gets thinner. I realize it really is nothing in theory. When I would daydream in High School in rural Illinois, I thought somehow these otherworld people had reached something beyond the realm of reality. That somehow becoming famous granted a worth more than my own. I know now I could truly become a celebrity, and in narrow terms, am one already really. The people living and working and breathing in quiet midwestern towns, or bare populated Iowa see something on the TV screen that if they were around all the time, like this, would understand to their core that these famous people are merely one who a camera or newspaper has observed in excess. That is it and it gives you nothing in exchange. BIG lesson.

In lieu of that, I worked at Bobbi Brown this week and met her, in all her celebrity makeup guru-ness. She was delightful...heres who I have cast my eyes upon as of late: Halle Barry, Nathan Lane, Laila Robins ( Planes Trains and Automobiles), some Broadway stars and who else can remember?

I walked by what I believe was a dead man on the street today...*sigh. Only in New York.

On the career front, got called in for Seymour for the National Tour of Little Shop of Horrors, had a commercial audition for Time Warner Cable and am auditioning for some films. Our cast of Nerds:// is in mourning post Nerds://. such an amazing experience. Here's a photo above:

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