Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well what's new Ganoos? Sunday, I went to Yonkers NY, land of Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, to scope a Co Op via the Actors Federal Union for my friend whos on tour. These Co ops are special agreements with the Union financing 90% of them and my gord were they amazing. The town is beautiful, slanted hills, bricks streets all along the Hudson River. The advantage here is, my friend has asked me to live there if he gets it, so plush easy 20 minute train rides could replace my congested, often uncomfortable hair raising daily subway trips. We'll see. Saturday, I did a recording for my friends Marcus and Jesse who are promoting a show to a company in Germany. It was fun being back in the studio, I love the format so I cant wait for more of those opportunities. I am in my second week working for Estee Lauder Corporation for Clinique Creative. Not sure how I feel yet. I'm amazed that the voice inside still resounds loudly to choose the life of a performer and not a pension plan and benefits;) the older I get, the louder the voice is to perform. Shouldn't it be the opposite?

Other thoughts zipping around my cranium are: Why doesnt EVERYONE realize that EVERYONE is working on an entirely different life plan with different personalities. It would be much easier on us if we could just accept that people are ALWAYS going to contrast and challenge who we are. It's a dance its a battle...keeping true to who you are and adjusting as needed to people that drive you keeping a distance or engaging in neccesary interaction.

October is coming to a close, and how quickly my favorite time of the year comes and goes.

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