Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saw NORMAL Off B'way on Friday, an amazing piece of theatre with polished staging and a strong and powerful message. Check it out if you are looking for a great show to see in the coming weeks.

These are my thoughts this weekend. Life begets you to trust moving forward doesn't it? As I hung up the phone with my friend Cara inviting me to Thanksgiving the other day, I thought to myself..I have AMAZING friends here in New York. When I left Chicago 3 years ago, I remember a lump inside about leaving my comfort zone of friends, colleagues and relatives. I had fear about the change. But now I know I am meant to be here, and had I not left I would have missed out on the wonderful people that are part of my life here. The fear of uncertainty should never be enough from preventing you becoming your fullest potential and moving beyond your comfort zone. The lessons and experience of living in New York are invaluble to me. Everyone should live here once, it teaches you sooooo much. Life is what you make it I guess, and if you are where you are meant to be you feel it inside. So yes..I am blessed with some amazing people here, and I thank each and every one of you for being on my side. Yeaaa!

Learning alot at my new job as an Administrator in Clinique Creative for Estee Lauder. Am beginning work on my on-camera reel, that should be on my website eventually. I dont want to scimp here, I want a good one so I am shopping around.

I have discovered a trick..learned it from a guy in Iowa. I wash my hair every other day or sometimes two days. Makes your hair much more manageable..and saves you money on Shampoo...Heloise would be proud.

Peace out.

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