Sunday, October 01, 2006

America's next top Blogger:

Here it is boys and girls, a new blog entry, a new month! October, the amazing fall and a big birthday for me on the 15th. I've been so inspired by the comedic brilliance of my friend Glennis's blog lately, she is so funny. Check her out you'll be an addict:

Have any of you been watching all these reality talent type shows? Reluctantly last year I did get hooked on Americas Next Top Model thanks to friends oohs and ahh's over it. I don't know how I got hooked on this tv bologna. Well, considering I have like five channels on my tv, the options are slim pickin's.

Anyway, the other day watching the new season and I was amazed at the heaviness at which they set up these 'One of you is going home" moments. These girls weep, wail and have emotional breakdowns while Tyra and her possy leave every pinter pause and expectation blink full throttle, torturing these girls some no more than out of training bra's with their parental glances. It's a character judgement set up purposely for the eyes of the watching tv public, giving these girls the impression that this 'achievement' is what defines their worth, this progression on a fluffed television show is what makes them worthy as they proclaim suitcase in hand "I wont let this stop me! I know I'm a model!...separate of the fact that they just are here on this earth, and have been given life and beauty, a heart. What about that being enough?. This is what I am feeling so strongly about the entertainment industry, living here in New York its not just a joke-it's palpable on the streets you can see it and taste it. People vying to get ahead come hell or high water, to get that 'dream' no matter what it takes, to fight, kick and fight some more until somebody bleeds. You would think hearing about these things on TV, say in a 'join us next week when Blossom learns a valuble lesson about life" episode, would make them more enlightened…but it literally eats you up. Its kind of a sink or swim philosophy. I keep thinking I know I'm an artist, but THIS part, this trying to knock you down part, well I'll be damned if I'll swallow that pill. To trust God and the Universe more to just let you be- to see what other plans may be in store for you versus 15 minutes of fame. What's your integrity factor? How can you improve the world around you? What can you give? Get what you can get as you get it. I don't think we were put here to become America's next top whatever as the end all be all.Amen. Thoughts?

On a more lighter note and supportive of the tv, I have fallen in love with the new ABC show MEN IN TREES. Check it out, Fridays at 8pm. Could it be because it's the SATC writers?? And Anne Heche is charming and cute on it.

I went Samba dancing on the Hudson Pier with some friends last week. SO much fun, the eclectic mix of New York never ceases to amaze me (heres a photo of our samba clan on the Hudson Pier). I am going to being joining a friends group for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk around Prospect Park Oct 15th (My birthday) I'm excited about that. And finally, check out India Aries new CD on Itunes TESTIMONY VOLUME I LIFE & RELATIONSHIP and my friend DC Anderson's new cd I AM STILL. Download it all on Itunes--what did we do before I-tunes, I ask you all?

Happy Fall!

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