Friday, September 08, 2006

Transfusion of Happiness:

September! The fall has come. Ahhh the smell, the leaves, cool breezes, gap commercials (Daft punk was my favorite!) The ole blog. Now, when I type one, the posting has to be copied to myspace, friendster blah blah. But write it I shall and here are my musings for the fall, the most magical time of MY year.

If you are all wondering what’s up with me well I guess you can say I have been in a ‘recharging’ mode spiritually. Been very up and down lately, which could be our torrential downpours of rain and gloom. I have been limiting my auditions to my agent only which has been a pretty good decision. Got called in for HIGH FIDELITY on Broadway and have had commercials auditions for Dominoes, Spike TV and Comedy Central. Good for the audition pipes for certain. But surprisingly I’m not feeling any particular passion or drive at the moment. This palpable feeling of lethargy is something perhaps to be listened to rather than ignored. The last couple of shows I have done, I have felt zero to no excitement about. I am enjoying the focus on my on-camera auditions that’s true. I can’t help but trust that this time is necessary, there may be more important things brewing in my life then me in BYE BYE BIRDIE in Ohio or Oregon. I do have a very exciting film reading this Sunday, but I have to keep hush hush about that for the moment.

However my closest friend here, Erin Davie, who has been a blessing to me ever since I met her in 2003, has hit a huge milestone. She will be playing Young Edie on Broadway this fall in GREY GARDENS. Check this out:
I’m so proud of my gal peep! Go see this, I’ll be there opening night.

I have been wanting to get out there and help others more. Volunteer, BigBrother, etc. Something. I need to make this happen and not procrastinate anymore. Maybe I should take an impromptu trip to Africa or somewhere. Something outside of myself.

I went to some Art Gallery openings with my friend Jesse yesterday. This was great fun. Every month near Chelsea, different artists unveil their new work to be auctioned, sold, etc…and you can pretty much stroll from one art gallery to the next seeing the best of New Yorks artists. And the best part, free wine! You can’t pass up free wine people. We were joined by some friends of Jesse, one who had a prosthetic arm. A bit into the evening, when asked how hard it was to enter a certain gallery, I said and I quote “I almost lost a limb in there!”…Sometimes I just don’t think before I speak, D-U-M-B.

And finally, I went to Lord and Taylor today to see SJP..also known as Sarah Jessica Parker. She was unveiling her new fragrance extension. I love her so, how beautiful she looked she will always be Carrie Bradshaw to me.

That’s it this month, rascally rabbits. Join me next blog entry when I speak of ‘Narcissists’…stay tuned it’s going to be a bumpy night.

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