Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainy days and mondays:

With the onset of horrible weather here on the east coast I've witnessed a sad sad reality of stormy days in the city. The murdered, abused, abandoned umbrella. A moment of silence for these tragic heroes of ours:

Not sure what this guy did to deserve this.

Pretty ghastly, if you ask me.

Now c'mon people, this one makes me want to cry. What did mr umbra' ever do to you?

There is an artist named Traci Talasco, who photographed broken umbrellas on the streets of New York for eight months. Perhaps she also understood the depth of this tragedy. It is epidemic.

Give your umbrella the respect it deserves in its untimely demise...dispose with respect.

Your shelter from the storm,

Thadd the Umbrella Whisperer.

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