Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh lordy I just visited Glennis’s blog again! She is craaaazy ah love her meanderings.

So…A couple of things have been on my mind lately. I was recently introduced to the book/dvd THE SECRET. I’m sure many of you have heard about it too on Oprah, word of mouth, etc. It seems everybody is exuberantly excited about ‘THE SECRET”. The DVD, which I have watched, is sort of a Guru-infomercial-nostrodomos-y documentary with ancient music, special effects and testimonials. I really want to believe in it, but I find too many fallacies in its teachings. Even read an anti secret article in MENS HEALTH not buying it. Like, if the secret works right way with bad things like being late, and stubbing your toe etc why does it take its sweet time with money, partners and success? I dunno…I’m all for positive thinking and thoughts creating emotions but it just seems like something I’ve already implemented in my life…a sort of cognitive behavior therapy technique gone global.

This comes on the curtails of everything changing right now. I have two friends here leaving New York which has brought up much introspection on WHY I am here? It’s like the recent eclipse has caused a sort of disturbance of earths equilibrium. The recent horrific shootings at Virginia Tech, suicides, bizarre happenings something is in full tide here. And I feel a bit ship wrecked. I am once again swimming in a great complacency. I DEFINITELY feel stagnant, but not unhappy per say just thoughtful, hopeful. And I know this stagnancy is part of the ebb and flow of life and always comes around. Certain relationships in my life have recently changed too and been altered without me blinking an eye, and as much as I now expect change in my life I rarely embrace it. (side note: I have officially lived in New York long enough that I have definitely lost my manners with other bodies. I weave in and out of people, I say ‘excuse me’ less when bumping other humans (yah, the darn subway AGAIN!)…there it is the fluidity of people coming and going. What does this mean?

You know what else I’ve noticed regarding THE SECRET? My Ipod is sure filled with some durgy music. I try to skip to the more upbeat songs now and have been downloading fun stuff from Hilary Duff to Robin Thicke to show tunes….dont want Mr Ipod to manifest some bad heeby jeebies when a durgy Lee Anne Rimes scrolls into my earbuds. Even my Ipod is in flux. Ahhh Universe you wacky wafer.

Will the waves crash or coast over me effortlessly without a splash or sound? I guess time will tell……

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