Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm still in love with New York. 6 years and it's a love/hate relationship. Some days I hate human bodies so much, but most days it's love. When I see snippets of small hometown life, I appreciate it--I have a reverence for it--but know it's not for me anymore.

I've said it before but moving to New York was the best thing I have ever done. Initially, I moved here like everyone else full focus on my performing career. But over the years, performing is taking more of a back seat, and I realize it's what got me here, but just BEING in this energy and growing is the REASON I remain. Performin' Shmormin! For now, I am content with where I'm at. Moment by moment. Living in the present. Grow and live my life.

I've compiled my own subjective list of the ten best things and the ten worse things about living here. I think it's pretty right on people, all my fellow New Yawk peep's let me know.


1. There is always something to do from shows, concerts, restaurants and jobs.

2. Exposure to every nationality, creed, race, attitude, and dynamic of person.

3. Some of the best food I have ever eaten, particularly Italian, Thai, and Mediteranean.

4. Shopping is unparalled, you can literally find anything you need--and for cheap if you know where to look!

5. Iced green bubble tea.

6. Full dating pool.

7. There is always some job you can get to make money.

8. Battery Park, Central Park, Prospect Park, Botanical Gardens and the view of Manhattan from Hoboken, NJ.

9. This palpable karmic energy that what you put out you get back. Especially on the streets, a sort of fast paced pulsating amoeba that takes you with it.

10. Four words; Sex and the City.


1.The subway; pushing, prodding, fighting for space. Subway etiquette is THE worse.

2. If you're tired, aint New York stoppin for you. You have to go with flow. Hesitation is death.

3. Some days it reeks beyond belief.

4. With the good people come the bad people. And some of them are B-A-D, ouchie wa wa.

5.True destitution is on the streets. Homeless people hurting, poverty, criminals. At times you have to turn a blind eye to survive.

6. Most starbucks, retail and fast food employees do not want to help you. Even though they are standing behind the counter. And are getting a paycheck. And have nametags.

7. It's impossible to find a bathroom in Manhattan when you really need one.

8. People constantly spitting. WHY WHY WHY?

9. $10 for a sandwich.

10. Two words; Dog Shit. On the street.

Let truth be told, I had a harder time coming up with the worse things list, so maybe thats a good thing. So that, as they say, is THAT.

Finally, the photo above is the view from my office window....I mean, look at that. It has started to become like a flat painting to me but sometimes I just stand there....fully present...and take it all in. It's breathtaking. No question, I was meant to live here...I belong.

"Like a rat in a cage/pulling minimum a death in the hall/that you hear through the wall...but you're still the one pool where I'd happily drown..." LCD Soundsystem's NEW YORK..

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