Monday, August 09, 2004

Helloooo is anyone out there? Whats been goin on? Well..things are pretty good. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend Amy yesterday, it was super cool. WORLDS AWAY is movin along, although I read in the New York times that BIGFOOT THE MUSICAL the fringe show I had to drop out of, has alot of buzz surrounding it as being the next URINETOWN. :( for me, :) for them. I have a callback for Northern Stages theatre in VT this Thursday, and I am going to start taking some acting classes next month, gotta start training again.Have some Illinois friends coming this Thursday which I am very excited about. Mom has a buyer for her house back home in Illinois. My friend Erin booked a Verizon commercial yeaaaa. We have the same agent. Renee, make me a star!..Whilst still remaining humble and down to earth and approachable..tee hee. FINE!

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