Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More thoughts by Wayne Dyer. I love that guy:

1.Want more for others than you want for yourself
2.Think from the end (see yourself surrounded by events you want i.e.addiction free, sons yellow car, etc.)
3.Be an appreciator (look for that which is valuable)
4.Stay in rapport with your source energy
5.Understand resistance(every unkind thought, judgment, negative word, fear-all resistance)
6.Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want
7.Understand the art of allowing (allow-here I am here, here is the source)
8.Practice radical humility (you are not your mind, body, you ARE the source)
9. Be in a state of gratitude
10.Do not resolve a problem by condemning it ( shame your way into higher consciousness, no)
11.Play the match game ( I am matched up with the field of intention)
12. Meditate.

“Happiness is something you decide ahead of time. It’s how I arrange my mind.”

Food for thought. Mmmmm.

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