Monday, November 01, 2004

It's November my Turkey talliers! It's a beautiful day outside I must say. Well, I am hooked up with two promotional corporations here in Manhattan. I did the Jack Morton event last month, and Nov-Dec, I will be touring for Suave through Eventage Events. We'll be in four different cities; Minneapolis, Orlando, Chicago and Seattle. I'm excited I'll get to see my family, and I do like traveling. I went to my second 4x-four artists by artists group tonight, and it is wonderful thus far. They should have the website up soon. If you want more info on this, drop me an email. Sigh* Autonomous and introspective as always, I continue to examine life and it's peaks and valleys. The sheer volume of people in New York hurtles at me the realities that people first think only of themselves often, a 'my way is THE way' outlook, especially in younger years. Those who think first of others are considered weak or pushovers. But this loving approach far surpasses in the love realm the "I cant believe they think that way" theory. Just coming to that understanding that yes I think this way but not everyone does, so be careful that you share that only with those you trust and love, and dont feel the 'ego' driven need to make everyone believe as you do. But, DO speak up against unprovoked malice in others. The most loving thing you can do sometimes is illuminate to a nasty person their nastiness it seems. But, life has no easy answers. My friend Amber gave me a card recently with this lovely message on it:

"Life has a way of stripping away the nonessentials
one birthday at a time
until we're left with our real selves
unashamed before the world
refined by experience
shaped by the things we've learned
and the passions we've pursued
And finally, we know what we know, and we love what we love and we still have
this precious thing called time.
and it's enough.
It's more than enough."

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