Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas! This will be my first in New York. Although I am seperated from my family this year, I feel content to be spending it here. I am thinking about a lot of things this Xmas; Christmas should be healing shouldnt it? Why do I feel basically neautral about it? I am select with the love I give. Like when you are working with people who constantly insult others and make fun of others : then, in that process, I lose my sense to love. Meaning my love comes conditionally to people. And it seems it is more than environmental, the theory that people who berate are hurt inside. Sometimes they are just plain nasty inside. Then what? I have a tendency to want to defend against this. How do you remain loving? Peace inside this is my Christmas list.

So what else is going on? Hmm. I lost my cellphone yesterday in Manhattan. You dont realize how 'attached' you are to a cellphone til its gone. Good lesson in 'attachment' I suppose.

I am being pursued by a really unique and cool band, The Boston based Kahootz for their main male vocalist ( I am going up to Boston next Thursday to meet with them. We'll see. That would mean relocation to Boston.

I met Keri Russell (Felecity) yesterday!! I'm a huge fan of the late great show. I went to see FAT PIG Off B'way which she is in.

Happy Holidays!
Love (sometimes conditionally :)

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