Friday, July 06, 2007

Zip bam boom! The long awaited summer blog entry is here. After much deliberation and careful thought and examination I am filled with lyrical word play to express in the blog form. Alert the press!

First off, I want to come clean about an exquisite singer I have loved for over 20 years and am not ashamed to admit it, my friends. And that is the great—Olivia Newton John. Recently, my delightfully fun friend James and I discovered we both love the Aussie songbird with equal vigor and know the lyrics to almost all her songs, popular and obscure. It was a great surprise to know someone else aside from myself played the cassette of SOUL KISS as a teen in their car and know what the Dolphin Song is and what the album cover looks like. From XANADU to HEART ATTACK to the recent BACK WITH A HEART tunes, ONJ truly hit gold on many of her songs, and with the exception of some of her earlier 80's screeching songs, pretty much sounds lovely on everything . She was a guest judge on American Idol last season, and Olivia gives Paula a run for her money in the sweetness department. She is a pure spirit who cares about trees and breast cancer and dolphins and has been through her own trials and tribulations to make her that much more of an enriched artist. Itune some of her songs today you will not be disappointed. She is one of the greats, let us proclaim it loud and strong now while she is still alive because believe it or not our original Sandy in GREASE is going to be 60 this year! (not that that’s old really and I’m sure she'll be around a long time). Which reminds me- a moment of silence for a recent other great who passed this past week, Miss Beverly Sills.

Item 2:

Speaking of pure spirits, as some of you may or may not know, my closest friend Erin is a big Broadway star and her show Grey Gardens will be closing July 29 after over 300 performances! It all happened rather quickly really in a short 9 month span. The whole time has been incredible, and she has shared the whole experience with me, her family almost every step of the way. Proof of her sweet spirit and letting it feel like a win for all of us. Well I did tell her I would kick her ass if she didn’t return my phonecalls before she hit it big, but I digress. She even won the prestigious Theatre World award for best performance, and I was with her at the ceremony. What’s so bizarre is even though I am in the biz, I forget that this is THE Broadway community. It feels sort of like a High School prom or sorority house popularity contest. And you forget. I was so proud of her when she accepted her award, because I have seen her work so hard to be where she knows she should be. And now is her time and it really is magical. I cried during her speech because it really is a testimony to be careful what you wish for because it CAN and DOES come true. And what’s funny about show biz is you see these are just people like you and I. Because of her, I have been mingling with Broadway and Hollywood elite and you come to truly understand it means only what you subjectively assign it really. I continue to grow this quiet strength within that what I offer from my heart to help others is far more important than fame and fortune. And it is exciting to see my friend who I know is a quality person be elevated, because the fact is this business needs her really, and her good spirit. There were some performers who presented who were filled with their own ego. And then on a turn there were winners like Erin who illuminate something real. Genuine excitement without pretense.

Item 3:

This last piece of info comes with great devastation to me. Since working for Estee Lauder I have many many many skin care products at my disposal. And for the past month I have been doing a little project. I have been NOT been using anything really on my skin but sunscreen. And you know what? It actually is working pretty well. To add insult to injury, my previously mentioned friend James also informed me he only splashes his face with water and puts aloe plant juice on his awaiting dermis. And let me tell you; the boy has some luminous pores. My Mom pretty much does the same thing and at 62 she has great skin. So the day may approach when Thadd merely splashes his face with water and smears some green juicy aloe on it. When it comes, it will be a slow painful process, ridding myself of the potions and vitamin serums and anti-oxidant creams will likely compare to taking a dry martini with three plump green olives away from an alcoholic. Will Lindsey Lohans and Britneys rehab fate be mine? The Neutrogena rehab clinic for recovering skin care addicts? Stay tuned my blogmeisters....and reach for the skin stars!

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