Thursday, September 23, 2004

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I have been working a promotional job for Bank of America in Times Square. It is truly exhausting. Well, I didn't get enough sleep either that didn't help. I think I am in denial how many misguided,horrible people there are in New York. I think I was sheltered growing up in the Midwest. On the subway three girls were SCREAMING at each other about to fist each other. Then, at the promotional gig, some street handlers went running when the police came to arrest them and one of them just missed plowing me over. This is good money but is it worth me getting a concussion? And I just don't know about the actors here in New York. . Part of me knows I don't belong in the acting career in many ways. This is not to say there are not wonderful people in this career,you are blessed when you come across them, but so many actors are enourmously selfish with no reverence for others hearts. I'm just feeling so disenchanted with that, why does this happen?

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