Saturday, September 25, 2004

The movie I did background work for SURVIVING CHRISTMAS starring Ben Afleck and Christina Applegate comes out next month I think. I wonder if you will see me? Ha! I am doing well, I got an equity showcase called FRANKENSTEIN A POP OPERA. It should be fun for the Halloween season (my favorite mind you) AND my Birthday month. The Big 33. I am finishing up the promotional job for Bank of America, I have one day left next week. My lord, the thousands and thousands of people who I talked about the bank to. New York has so many millions of people, it seems things you have to deal with in your daily life is multiplied in speed and intensity. We all come at life thinking it is defined how WE feel. This is sort of ego driven when you think. Its just a given that you will constantly deal with conflict of interest in other peoples agendas. This career is moving along OK, I guess. Man Im tired...Zzzz

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