Saturday, October 02, 2004

October is here, my favorite month of the year yeaaa! I am determined to vote. I just printed my absentee ballot from Illinois. I watched the presidential debate Friday.*Sigh. I am feeling as if I dont know enough about each candidate and am relying on what everyone is saying. I want to make an educated decision here. Hmmm. Well, then research online it is. Can I just say that New York seems to be making me harder. Today this older woman and her husband asked me how to get to the World Trade Center in the subway. I tried to explain she would have to transfer and she was brusque and demanding and snapped "I dont want to transfer!". Thadd 5 years ago would have placated and been like well gee do this, try that. I said, "Well good luck!" and whooshed away. See what I'm becoming. I just dont have time for nastiness anymore. Maybe she was having a bad day. But then I guess nastiness isn't the right response to nastiness. Who can figure it all out? Bleaaaaaa.I miss the midwest where excuse me is a common colloquy.

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