Friday, October 15, 2004

Today is my birthday weeeeee! I went to an amazing seminar by a company called CAPES COACHING last night. It's an inspirational sort of seminar that inspires actors to get to the next level in their career( So much of it is what I have learned in my own life seperate from the acting career, the work I've done on myself spiritually. Much of it was keeping the negative thoughts in check. I am feeling good inside, with occasional bouts buts thats everyones life I think. I'm also excited to report I got a callback for the prestigious Manhattan Theatre Clubs production of SHOCKHEADED PETER. That would be Off-Broadway in the spring. The show is super cool, it's based on Henrik Hoffmans childrens books that were poised to scare the hell out of kids. It's like Edward Scissors Hands meets Goldilocks. :)FRANKENSTEIN THE ROCK OPERA opens Mon and Tues, and so far I'm enjoying myself. Hopefully they will get investors for their show. More later---

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