Monday, October 04, 2004

I have researched up on Bush and Kerry and I feel armed to vote. I know how they stand on health care to taxes to national security. Now, if my absentee ballot comes here in time I'm set. I got an offer for an Off-Off Broadway show called LOOKING FOR SEX at the Wings Theatre. It's a great part and a good script however, the money sucks and I would be required to be in my underwear. :( Gonna pass on this one. I will be doing the Frankenstein show though, that's Oct 18th and 19th. Ben Folds music has really been speaking to my heart lately. I'm feeling melancholy as I always do in October. It's my favorite time of the year and it is also rid with pontification on life. I am really examining lately how frustrating dealing with insensitive people is at times. I'm sure I am difficult to them too, however concern for other human beings seems to be the foundation/equation they are lacking. Of course, I examine the whys and whatnots of this from their childhood, experiences etc. I get pissed off too geez, but some things are just right or wrong fundamentally. Does this make me Dr. Laura? ;) I guess this is where the deemed alone time is necessary; getting the time to be away from it all to regroup and go back out into the world.

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